Salient Features :

  • It will be a regular batch with classes being held four days a week.
  • All the important topics of the syllabus will be covered in great detail. The approach is to begin every topic from basic and take it slowly to advanced level. Since, all the entrance exam papers contain mainly numerical questions,so, we focus on application part more. We try to understand the concepts through its application in solving numericals
  • We have developed comprehensive study material in the form of hard bound books which have been published by Samvedna publication and authored by TE faculties. The books are so comprehensive that students do not need to refer any other book. In fact it is highly challenging to complete Samvedna books in given time frame. The books have been written keeping view the pattern of entrance exam papers. The question of previous years papers have been solved in great details in these books.
  • Once the student enrolls in crash course, he/she is also enrolled in online course free of any charge. A login is provided to each student where one can view the video lectures on each topic.
  • We encourage the students to discuss any doubt in the classroom while lectures are delivered as it helps other students also and makes the classroom participative. However, the students are free to ask their doubt after the class also. The students can also submit their doubt on discussion forums which is available in online course.
  • To track the performance of students we have regular tests. There are two kind of tests: Online and offline. We have around 150 small tests on various topics of syllabus in our online course. The online tests have also been divided into two levels. Level 1 has 10 objective questions which have to be answered in 30 min and Level 2 also has 10 objective questions which have to be answered in 60 min. The results of these tests along with detailed solution are available  immediately after submission of test. The performance in these test are recorded in the grade book of each student.At the end there will be 10 offline tests strictly based on exam pattern one month before the exam.
  • All classrooms are spacious and air conditioned with emergency power backup.
  • TE provide one demo class at specified date.

Duration - 80 Hours

Commencement of course : 15 December 2014

Fees : Rs 12,000/=

Subjects available: Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Mathematical Statistics, Biotechnology, Biological sciences


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